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*looks at you seductively* *lowers glasses* i can’t see a thing

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Guys let me tell you how amazing these last few days have been, this was my first festival and certainly won’t be my last. I saw incredible performances Arctic Monkeys, Vampire Weekend, Jack White, Vance Joy, Kanye, Skrillex, and more, plus I met some of the coolest people in a long time. There was delicious food, brilliant art, and unique vendors. The atmosphere was incredibly accepting and kind and If you live in the United States and/or are able to go to Bonnaroo I highly recommend it. ❤️
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As overwhelming as it seems just remember that you are only seventeen. you don't know what you have to be at seventeen, nor do you have to be well on your way to achieving it. you have your whole life to figure out what you want to do or what you want to be, just remember to take your time so smell the roses on your journey. :)

I wish everyone else thought like that, I know what I want to do in life, but sometimes it just gets a bit too much

Sometimes making life choices at 17 is a bit overwhelming *curls into ball and goes on tumblr instead*

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